What is the Depth of Field in Photography?

Depth of field is the areas of clarity formed in front of and behind the object that we focus on. It is very important to use the depth of field consciously in terms of composition. If we can control the aperture and sharpness, it becomes very easy to control depth of field.


What is Depth of Field?

In simple terms, it is called the clear visible area in the photograph. If the clear visible area is more, the depth of field is high, if the clear field visuality is low, the depth of field is defined as shallow. For example, by reducing our depth of field in portrait shots (Small F value), we save our model from the complexity of the background, and in landscape type shots, we increase our depth of field to make the whole area clear (Large F value). This feature is the preferred visuality in portrait and macro photographs, as the blurred background will bring the object or people to the foreground.

What Factors Does Depth of Field Depend on?

1- Aperture:

One of the effects on which depth of field depends is the aperture of the diaphragm. An open aperture (smaller F value) means that background objects appear more blurred. This is one of the main reasons why lenses with a low aperture (low F value) are much more expensive. But there are also disadvantages as well, usually lenses with a very open aperture result in a decrease in sharpness.

2-The Effect of Focal Length on the Picture

The focal length of the lens used is related to the depth of field. As the focal length of the lens increases, the depth of net field decreases. The more focal length your lens has (such as 135mm f2, 200-300mm f2), the less depth of field you have. Macro or Fashion photographers generally prefer lenses with a high focal length.

3-The Effect of the Distance of the Object to the Machine on Focus

Depth of field also changes according to the proximity of our machine to the object to be focused. Getting closer to the object decreases the depth of field, which means getting too blurred field.

Especially when taking pictures of landscapes, we want distant objects as well as close objects to be as clear as possible. In order to implement this in practice, it is important where we will focus. I will try to explain where the focus should be done with the question of What is hyperfocal distance.

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