What is Dead Pixel?

Dead Pixel means that the pixel on the screen is no longer functional and is not displaying. Devices that frequently encounter dead pixel problem; Desktop computers, televisions, mobile devices or laptop screens using LCD screens.

Dead Pixel Test

The easiest way to detect a dead pixel on a device’s screen is to open a white screen with a full page on the screen. There are also other software you can use for dead pixel testing, but with this method, you can get the clearest result in a very short time. If your computer has any software that you can zoom to the screen, such as Word or Photoshop, you can see all the dead or stuck pixels on the screen when you open a white page and bring the screen to full screen.

What Causes Dead Pixels?

In the case of LCD or similar flat panel displays, if a component inside the screen has expired, a dead pixel may appear on the screen. Even if this is the most common problem for dead pixels on the screen, dead pixel problem can sometimes be experienced through hardware. If the product you purchased has dead pixels, the number of these pixels is expected to be at least 4 in order to make changes. Because a single pixel is not a detail that can kill the screen quality in computer use, and it is a pixel that your eye can accept after short-term use. You can also get rid of the dead pixel problem under warranty by checking the rate of dead pixels predicted by your manufacturer for replacement by examining the document containing the warranty conditions of your product.

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