What Is a Panoramic Photograph? How Is It Created?

Panorama photography is the form of a wide-angle rich content photo by taking the part of a visual that is visible to the eye and which we cannot fit into the frame, by taking it piece by piece with a digital camera and combining it with various programs.

What is Panoramic Photography?

Panoramic photography is the result of combining any image, such as a landscape, a mountain, a beautiful bay, or a wide vertical structure, with digital programs by taking multiple shots (photo frames) on the condition that they are on top of each other in horizontal shooting. are wide angle photography studies. Here, we can shoot 360 degrees by rotating our camera around a fixed axis, and the things we need to pay attention to while shooting these shots are as follows.

– When shooting with a camera with a panorama mode, the characteristic of this mode is that the quarter of the previous frame, ie 25%, is seen as imaginary on the new frame we take, this phenomenon is valid for each new frame we take. The reason for this is that when combining pictures on our computer, reference points are provided so that the joints fit on top of each other without error. An important issue we should pay attention to is that moving objects take up as little space as possible in our photo frames. If our camera does not have a panoramic shooting mode, of course we can still take panoramic shots, but when taking our picture, it is to be careful that at least 25% of the previous frame is in the frame we just took, and that the up-down position is fixed while turning the camera in a horizontal position. Otherwise, when we combine the pictures taken, an upward or downward slope occurs.

– Another important issue is that we set our camera’s ISO, Exposure, Aperture and distance settings and shoot in M ​​(manul) mode without changing any settings. This is important in order not to create squares of different values.

– In the frames that we take more than once, we should generally be careful to get the light behind us so that the pain of the light does not cause different exposures. Since the light coming from the side will cause different exposures in every frame we will take, different contrasts will cause a bad panoramic photo when combining the pictures.

– Try to shoot with a tripod as much as possible, if you do not have a tripod, you can also shoot manually, what you need to pay attention to is to shoot by turning to the right or left without moving your arm and elbow up and down. It can be successful in hand shots, because I have tried it quite well when I do not have a tripod with me, that is, when you shoot handheld, you also prevent optical bending in the horizon because you turn the camera to the right or left in a convex trajectory, not in the center. However, if you are shooting in a closed or narrow place, you should definitely use a tripod, otherwise the success rate of the pictures will decrease because it is close-up.

– As you become experts in panoramic shooting or how to take panoramic photos over time, if you combine the pictures you will take in one direction in horizontal or vertical by taking both horizontal and vertical, you will have more detailed wide and long panoramic photos. – There are a lot of software when it comes to combining pictures, but with PhotoShop, we all have it at our disposal.


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