Photo Shooting Techniques / Golden Point / Ratio

In this article, I will briefly mention general photography techniques, what are the four golden points in photography, framing setting, and of course more technical details in my further articles, where I will try to explain what needs to be known at the beginning. While taking our photograph, we definitely need to get used to holding our camera with both hands, and we should also stick our arms to our body at the level of our elbows so that we should prevent our camera from shaking as much as possible, why not forget to take a deep breath before pressing the shutter button so that our picture does not appear blurry in some shots where the light values ​​are insufficient.

Since our subject is portraits when taking portrait photos, we should make sure that the background is as plain as possible so that our subject stands out, if there are objects in the background that will prevent the picture from being prominent, then by reducing the depth of the clear field (although this issue is usually a bit confusing for beginners. In short, we can reach the desired result by opening the diaphragm such as f: 2.8 or f: 4).

Another important issue is that the mistake we often make while taking the photo is to place the subject in the middle of the frame. However, photographs taken this way are less noticeable, still and ineffective. In order to prevent this, we divide the frame we will take into three equal parts, vertical and horizontal, in our minds, the four points where the lines intersect are the points where the object will be placed in our composition, this is also called the Four Golden Points in photography. When taking landscape photographs, we should pay attention to the fact that the horizon line is parallel to the lines and fills one third of the frame.

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