Increasing Resolution

Unfortunately, not all of the cameras where the photos were taken are of the same quality and as with every product, there are differences in the camera features of the cameras or phones. Therefore, people cannot achieve the desired quality in all of the photos they take and try to make the photos better quality by increasing the resolution of the photos. Increasing the resolution has a very important function with this software. Companies such as Google and Apple stand out with their serious investments in this field and compete with each other. Although the frosted pixels first attract attention in this process, the icing leaves their place to finer details later on. There are also some websites that provide this service for free. The selected image is dragged and dropped onto the page and the quality is improved. As a result of these, the size of the picture has also increased as its quality increases compared to its original size. Low resolution images can be turned into a masterpiece by trying a project called Let’s Enhance.

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